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Build the consortium

Part 3. In order to have a good project and good collaboration, partners need to complement one another and they shall share an interest in the common problem they will be tackling in their research. The minimum number of partners and any requirements related to their geographical location, legal form and expertise are determined in… » read more

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Project idea formulation

Part 2. In proposal development, the first natural step is to formulate an idea and find a suitable call. There are basically two ways of doing it. The first one, recommended for beginners, is to have a basic project idea and search for a call. The second method, used by more experienced proposers is to… » read more

Posted by Rita Balazs

The web is full of documents, some more useful than others… The INCO division of the DG Research and Innovation, more precisely the Unit D3 — European Neighbourhood, Africa and Gulf has made a nice effort in preparing a booklet presenting all the coordination and support action (CSA) projects of International Cooperation financed under the… » read more

Posted by Rita Balazs