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“I warmly welcome this agreement with the strong support for the new European Innovation Council and our mission driven research agendas. We are now on track to launch the most ambitious ever European research and innovation programme in 2021, shaping the future for a strong, sustainable and competitive European economy and benefiting all regions in Europe.” Ex- Commissioner Carlos Moedas

With a proposed budget of 100 million euro from 2021- 2027, Horizon Europe is the most ambitious European multinational collaborative investment with a special focus on research and innovation and is open to participants globally.

Horizon Europe’s objectives highlight the need for fostering the impact of research and innovation by supporting the implementation of the European Union’s policies but also communicate global challenges such as climate crisis and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Impact is the most “political” section of your proposal. It should be aligned and reflect the EU’s policy priorities!

Think of your proposal not so much in scientific terms, rather as a tool for EU to implement policies and achieve its short- and long-term goals. In practice, this means that it doesn’t matter how scientifically excellent your idea is, if it is not convincing enough that it serves policy purposes, it will not be funded.

What is the role of impact in Horizon Europe?

Seemingly to H2020, Horizon Europe will be all about impact and contributing to EU policy priorities.

The new Strategic Agenda focuses on four main priorities:

  • European Green Deal
  • An economy that works for people
  • A Europe fit for the Digital Age
  • Protecting our European way of life
  • A stronger Europe in the World
  • A new push for European democracy

Achieving impact plays a pivotal role in the Horizon Europe programme, and the general objective will be to deliver scientific, technological, economic and societal impact.

Therefore, as you can see in the graph below, the programme will set Key Impact Pathways to track progress of individual projects and the R&I funding overall.

Key impact pathways tp track progress

In practice, beneficiaries should be ready to enhance their dissemination and exploitation activities and providing more data via new monitoring instruments. In summary, always keep in mind that your proposal needs to prove that it will have a high impact that meaningfully supports the challenges and political priorities of the Union.

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Written by: Evdokia Bairampa

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